The power of LOVE.

The power of love in every ramification.

We all know the feeling of love is beautiful, it gives us a great feeling of confidence in ourselves, and it makes us feel appreciated yet a lot of people get hurt in the process of loving a person, job, self, another, etc…. Why?

Because it wasn’t the feeling of love that hurt you. It was the feeling of letting go, losing, your attitude to acceptance of the situation, and most especially the thought of change. That broke you not love.

Love is strong, it’s a strong feeling that you can not tell when it happened just like meeting a stranger ( your spouse or partner) whom you didn’t know before, and all of a sudden after serials of conversations, you start developing feelings for them and the craziest part is…

You can’t tell when and why it happened.

For example, You wake up in the morning looking into the mirror and not seen any effects of the gymnastics you have been taking off for and you say to yourself but I make the effort just like in a relationship, you make sacrifices like you cut down your schedules to be with someone you love, buy them presents maybe as a birthday present, healing, gratitude, love, it could be anything beautiful and you find out they don’t love you, clearly you will love to give up or make yourself an act of service may be because you believe there is something there even if you don’t see it physically, you feel it just like exercise, you don’t see the weight reduction but with time you feel it and you may screw it up one day by eating chocolate or taking ice cream but its the consistency that shows the results and I can’t tell you what particular day it happened but it’s the consistency of your efforts just like in relationships, is not about the events, intensity but the consistency of them all.

It’s as simple as going to the gym for 20 minutes every day, makes a big difference and not the hours you spent in a one-day thing like you go see your partner in one day and you guys spend time spoiling each other with gifts, kisses, and romance, you take care of each other well for that day and tomorrow you resume your normal busy schedules, That’s not consistency unless it’s done every day with the same spark of love even in the face of diversity.

Some things are important but it is the little boring things you do every day that pays off eventually like greeting each other a good morning when you wake up, not just the present you buy her on her birthday or valentine’s day because anyone can get the present for them or they do that themselves, you having a great day and you checked up on your spouse and they tell you they didn’t have a great and you sat there and listen to them without saying a word about your great day to them. You are there emotionally, financially, and spiritually for them and one of these, made them fall in love with you. I can’t tell you what day or the particular thing that made them fall in love with you but it is the accumulation of those little things that pressed their button of love.

Leadership is that way…

I can’t tell you the specific thing to do to make you a leader but those accumulations of the little things you do consistently make you a Leader like saying good morning to someone, staring at them in the face with a smile, extending a helping hand, a listening ear, those little gestures goes a long way.

My father would always tell me; A good leader is someone who cares about your day and is interested in the answers, He gives his time and does not shun people or say im busy but extend empathy to them not based on their results but as humans who need to be catered for.

Being a boss is not just hiring people to work for you and you pay them it’s you extending empathy to them even with their shortcomings at work, knowing the whys there is, and giving your attention to their answers, it could be a family problem affecting their shortcomings at work or in your relationship with them and you never know unless you ask.

The primary responsibility of a leader is to ensure a team or an organization is intentionally always moving forward—even in the face of adversity. Even when the pressure is unrelenting. Even when it requires figuring out the next step as you go.

A simple gesture from a boss makes an employee love their job meaning they don’t want to work anywhere else because they feel appreciated. There is a difference between liking my job (what I do) and loving my job…. When an employee like their job, it only means when they get another better opportunity, they will go for it because they feel unsatisfied working for you.

Loyalty is given to who earns it.

In business, we have colleagues and coworkers, and In the military, we have brothers and sisters… That’s how they see themselves and if they have a strong cooperation connection with each other, it’s like a family(brothers and sisters)deep love. They fight but the love never goes away.

Let’s talk about courage in the face of love;

Courage is when you feel the support of others, you know when you can’t do it, someone will be there having your back in the relationship we foster, and then we will have the courage to do the right thing.

Relationships are hard but they can survive fights, what they cannot survive is the loss of safety and security and this happens when one threatens to leave the relationship. I’m talking about small treats like the everyday things we encounter and it is all in our memories(if we feel good or not) even human communication becomes hard because of how we feel at that moment and that’s why when you feel threatened by someone, you go face to face with the person or people because then you will be able to visualize their nervous system and not on email, texts or in the car because it’s side by side and its dangerous.

The power of love is consistency and self-acceptance in the positive things we do most, it could be in our relationship, at work, for our business, in our family, etc.

Love alone is not enough, your value and lifestyle matter.

Know these:

  • Love is patience to self and others,
  • Love is empathy,
  • Love is forgiveness,
  • Love is living by example,
  • Love is letting go of negative feelings and
  • Love is God.

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.”

The world has always been a dangerous place and so it is our nature’s job is to protect and make each other feel secure in living.

It is true we don’t fight people…

We fight our perspective of neuroscience and that’s why we always have to give love the chance to lead us.

You have to understand that life would be scary if we don’t have each other’s backs because if we don’t, who will.

Brainstorm on this:

Just because they don’t do it doesn’t mean is wrong and just because everyone does it doesn’t make it right.

Loving others is self-acceptance and love because what you see in others is what you see in yourself so stay positive.

Thank you!



The written expressions of what the mind connotes😊💯

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