Mind guiding principles

Jessy Ammy❤
3 min readSep 17, 2021

I don’t know about you, but principles are what keeps me focused.

I keep principles around every aspect of life because even if I sometimes fail to keep to them, they give me an insight on where to focus my energy when I fall…

Our principles are the foundation of our behavior, a system of beliefs, and a chain of reasoning, it serves as a truth we stand by.

Principles are truth upon which we act but it should be of achieving happiness and success.

Success is more permanent when it’s achieved without breaking principles…

They are basic principles in our work life, relationships, religion, and self.

These principles are not the common ones you have heard about, they are principles that guide the mind into actions:

In our work life;

  1. Supports of the public do not define how great your business or business idea is. What does is your outlook for your business(when the public ceases to support your business, would you still believe in the success of your business).
  2. The process determines the results. Pay more attention to your skills and resources and less to the gains.
  3. Money is important even when you want to help because you can’t help them and yourself without money.
  4. Give credit to the efforts of people in your business.
  5. Set reasonable and achievable goals.

In relationships;

  1. Success is when people around you can feel the success.
  2. It takes communication between one another with mutual understanding to remove negative thoughts.
  3. Assumptions are false until verified by asking.
  4. Love is an illusion until proven by each other’s efforts.
  5. Love is all about making yourself right for the other person and not solely on finding the right person.
  6. It takes two to tangle.

In self;

  1. Self-reflection is self-accepting.
  2. Successful living is self-love.
  3. Self-respect is accepting others for who they are.
  4. Self-care is eating healthy meals, exercising, and meditation.
  5. Self utilization is knowing what things mean to you, defining things on your terms, and not adapting based on others' opinions.
  6. Self-worth is knowing when it is time to let go and hold on.
  7. Vulnerability makes you stronger.

In religion;

  1. Religion should be self-orientation.
  2. Trusting in prayers.
  3. Giving it your everything.
  4. Knowing your priorities.
  5. Respecting people’s beliefs.
  6. Worshipping God in true faith and not for others to see.

A principle is the expression of perfection because imperfect beings like us cannot practice perfection so it is only right for our principles to guide us… That’s why they are there anyway.

I shall allow for error in judgment by seeking counsel from all sources of knowledge.

Failing is critical for self-growth because it causes a principled person to think.


A person’s greatest failures are their portals to discovery.

The mind is a fire that a person must kindle;

  • A person must seek constant development to stave off intellectual, spiritual, and moral morbidity.
  • A person cannot apply any principle to guide human behavior without testing its concept against present realities or it will result in absurdities.

Above, I have subdivided my basic principles into four and you have read them to this point which I appreciate a lot.

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Thank you!



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